Hooray! My WIP is finally finished just in time for baby to arrive. I'm going to be a great-aunt, and I hear it's going to be a girl to boot! The first one in the family! This new little angel is going to be so spoiled, commencing with me! I wanted to make something from the heart. I have already made two afghans for two baby showers, so I wanted to try my hand at making baby clothes.

This is my little set I came up with...Hope it fits!
 Baby Puff Stitch Set

Below is my inspiration by kawaiiblythe.wordpress.com - Isn't it beautiful??20120814 193849

Photo credit: kawaiiblythe.wordpress.com


IMG 0129 - Hook Size G/6 (4.00 mm)
- Written Free Pattern by kawaiiblythe.wordpress.com - Here

I added three butterfly buttons on the cardigan, added a matching pink ribbon weaved through the second row of double crochet and shell edging. For the sleeves, I added one row of double crochets and shell edging. Buttons - Shell Tutorial - Here

HAT - I adapted this pattern for sizing and shape by Crochet Geek
 Photo credit: Crochet Geek
- Video Tutorial - Here
- Written Free Pattern - Here

I added a row of double crochet (for the ribbon) and shell stitch to match the cardigan, and omitted the pom-pom.

BOOTIES - I adapted this pattern for sizing and shape by damnitjanetletscrochet.blogspot.ca - They are so adorable! Photo credit: Damnitjanetletscrochet.blogspot.mx
- Written Free Pattern - Here

I added butterfly buttons to match the cardigan, and shell stitch edging. Booties SKIRT WITH REMOVABLE DIAPER COVER - Skirt - I adapted this pattern for the waist and band by Yolanda Soto Lopez Photo credit: Yolanda Soto Lopez

- Video Tutorial - Here

I didn't want the skirt to be too lacy like the cardigan, so I added 30 puff stitches evenly around - every two puff stitch spaces, then added a row of double crochet for the ribbon and shell stitch edging to finish the skirt. It's measures about 10" high x 11" wide.

Diaper cover - I adapted the pattern by The Bradens - Pattern Here

I followed the waist band from the pant pattern, used the above pattern for the shape and size and finished the diaper cover with the shell stitch edging to match the rest of the set. In addition, I added three small matching buttons at the the back of the skirt band where it's visible and snaps all around the band to secure. So the front flap snaps inside the band of the skirt from the inside, and the band of the diaper cover snaps to the band of the skirt. It makes a double waist, but I like the look it creates.

 - Written Free pattern - Here

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