My youngest daughter asked me to crochet her some slipper socks that moulded her feet like a glove and would coordinate with any outfit. This is what I came up with…

There's nothing like seeing the end to a project. I just finished working on these three pairs of

The North Woods Slipper Boots by DROPS design

I just fell in love with this pattern. Get your FREE pattern from Garn Studio HERE 

To make the Rippled Sock Slipper Booties, I had to mix two patterns together.

For the cuff, I was inspired by these gorgeous boot cuffs.

Ripple Stitch Boot Cuff Pattern by Elk Studio

Photo Credit: Elk Studio
Get your FREE pattern from Elk Studio HERE

I just love the ripple stitch they used to design these cuffs, I just had to crochet them for my version. 


  • Colour Dark Taupe
  • Hook Size G/6 (4.00 mm) for the booties
  • Hook Size H/8 (5.00 mm) for the cuff
There are two parts to making these Rippled Sock Slipper Booties.

1. First you make the boot part, which is the foot pattern of The North Woods Slipper Boots

I used the size SMALL instructions of the North Woods Pattern along with the G/6 hook for the bootie part, I was able to make them fit snug more to a size 7-8 closer to her foot size.

2. Second, I crocheted the cuff counting seven stitches from the front middle on either side, whether it was the right or left bootie, chaining 16 stitches and starting from there. I had to do some math and adjusted the stitch accordingly and followed the Ripple Boot Cuff pattern.

I crocheted a button hole and sewed the button with another button inside for reinforcement and sewed a non-slip sole.

Voila! I am so pleased on how they turned out.

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